6223 Residence Hall Coordinator (Student Services Professional I (6223) Jobs in San Diego, CA - California State University Recruitment 2017

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To make the company vision and mission comes true; California State University is open for new position as 6223 Residence Hall Coordinator (Student Services Professional I (6223) in San Diego, CA start from September 2017. Everyone who’s interested in filling this vacant, please participate in this 6223 Residence Hall Coordinator (Student Services Professional I (6223) September 2017 recruitment in San Diego, CA. It is advised for all participants to prepare all necessary requirements for this job recruitment procedure, as the process will need you to give suitable specification that the company wants for this position. If you feel that you are the one that can fill the specification, you can try to read further information on 6223 Residence Hall Coordinator (Student Services Professional I (6223) September 2017 in San Diego, CA below.

California State University Recruitment - September 2017

6223 Residence Hall Coordinator (Student Services Professional I (6223) (San Diego, CA)

Please note:
A completed application is required in order to be considered for this position.
About SDSU
San Diego State University is the oldest and largest higher education institution in the San Diego region. Since its founding in 1897, SDSU has grown to offer bachelor's degrees in 91 areas, master's degrees in 78 areas and doctorates in 22 areas. SDSU's approximately 35,000 students participate in an academic curriculum distinguished by direct contact with faculty and an increasing international emphasis that prepares them for a global future.
SDSU is a large, diverse, urban university and Hispanic-Serving Institution with a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusive excellence. Our campus community is diverse in many ways, including in terms of race, religion, color, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, pregnancy, medical condition, and covered veteran status. We strive to build and sustain a welcoming environment for all.
SDSU is seeking applicants with demonstrated experience and/or commitment to teaching and working effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and members of underrepresented groups.
Position Information
Four full-time, temporary positions anticipated to end on or before June 15, 2018. Incumbents works 11 months per year and are paid over 12 months. Anticipated month off will be mid-June to mid-July. This position has a maximum three (3) year duration.
The Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC) provides the direction, leadership and management of a student residence hall or apartment complex. The RHC works to establish an atmosphere that is conducive to accomplishing the goals and objectives of Residential Education, the mission of the Division of Student Affairs and the mission of the University. Under the general direction of the Associate Directors of Residential Education, the RHC supervises a 24-hour residence hall or apartment complex for 350 to 800 students, a staff of 8 to 22 Resident Advisors or Community Advisors, a Front Desk Security Manager or Front Desk Manager, and 8 to 25 Desk Assistants and Security Monitors. Work in student counseling and advising, co-curricular education, crisis management, community development, judicial affairs, budget management, and oversight of a multimillion-dollar facility are required. This position requires living in a residence hall/complex in a furnished apartment; meals are provided when dining service is open to residence hall meal plan holders.
Salary Range
Anticipated Hiring Salary: $3,537 per month (CSU Classification Salary Range: $3,537 - $5,028 per month). The competitive salary is determined by the education, experience, and qualifications the candidate brings to the position, internal equity, and the hiring department's fiscal resources.
The Residence Hall Coordinator is responsible for the development of a positive community atmosphere in the hall conducive to student academic and developmental success.
Encourage student responsibility for individual behavior as well as positive contributions to group behavior within the residence hall community.
Serve as an appropriate role model in regards to residence hall community standards and guidelines.
Provide co-curricular education, advising paraprofessional staff members on educational programming by serving as an information source, motivator, etc.
Ensure utilization of appropriate co-curricular education models, which include required programs concerning issues relevant to a diverse student population.
Facilitate on-going interaction with faculty including the Faculty-in-Residence program, or specific educational programs that feature members of the faculty. Supervise staff members in meeting program expectations concerning faculty involvement.
Ensure the development and implementation of extensive and individualized academic incentive plans for each student in the residence hall.
Facilitate the elections of Hall Council Members and selection of the Hall Council President.
Hold weekly meetings with Hall Council Executive Members and attend weekly general hall council meetings.
Assist in the development and implementation of campus and community wide programs including, but not limited to the Journey to a Shared Humanity and the Week of Caring.
May serve as an advisor for ongoing Weekend Programming groups throughout the fall and spring semesters.
Advise the Hall Council to plan a balanced program of activities and take responsibility for carrying them out in an appropriate manner.
Actively participate in residence hall functions sponsored by the residence hall/complex, Residence Hall Association and Residential Education Office.
Provide on-site security and supervision for all student activities
Ensure the participation by all students in development of Community Living Agreements (community standards) by each hall/floor/wing to address the following (but not limited to): the extension of quiet hours, common area noise, academic support, recognition, holidays, support of hall council, floor meetings, behaviors within the community area.
Perform in depth analysis of student and group problems including identification of students with personal, social, academic or disciplinary problem issues and employing appropriate counseling and referral techniques.
Manage a 24-hour customer service desk to provide services, including a class four U. S. Postal Service.
Maintain a 24 hr. security watch, including hiring, training and supervision of Security Monitors.
Serve in an on duty capacity for the entire population of students in Residential Education buildings on a rotational basis with other RHCs. Utilizing crisis management skills, addressing emergencies related to student health and welfare and facilities management in an appropriate manner while employing University Police, fire departments, ambulance services, and crisis counselors, as necessary.
Resolve roommate conflicts and other situations by utilizing appropriate mediation/conflict resolution skills.
Encourage, develop, implement and supervise one or more special interest programs in the residence halls, such as special areas dedicated for extended quiet study, substance free environment, or special interest housing areas such as Global Pathways, Aztec Journey, Residential Learning areas and others.
Attend meals in the Dining Room on an almost daily basis, and ensure appropriate student behavior.
The Residence Hall Coordinator will directly supervise, evaluate, and provide direction for an effective residence hall staff team including a staff of 8-22 Resident Advisors, a Front Desk Security Manager or Front Desk Manager, Desk Assistants, Security Monitors, and collaborate with 1-2 Faculty-in-Residence in a non-supervisory role.
Participate in student staff recruitment and an extensive multi-day selection process for Resident Advisors as well as recruitment and selection for Front Desk Security Mangers and Front Desk Managers.
Participate extensively in annual, national, recruitment for Residence Hall Coordinators. This may include attending conferences and interviewing potential staff members, serving as a host for their visit, attending REO interview sessions, RHC informal meetings, candidate open forums/presentations and one or more meals with candidates.
Provide multi-day FDSM training, followed by two or more weeks of paraprofessional staff training prior to Fall Semester opening, training for 2-3 days prior to Winter Semester opening, and on-going monthly student staff development meetings. Participation in training entails conducting appropriate research to present on designated topics which may include, but are not limited to diversity, communication skills, basic counseling and confrontation skills, community development, ethics, programming and publicity, crisis intervention and others.
Provide ongoing training to assist the hall staff as both individuals and a team to develop and build skills necessary to accomplish the goals.
Maintain weekly staff meetings with entire paraprofessional staff in assigned building/complex.
Hold weekly individual supervisory meetings with each paraprofessional and the Front Desk Security Manager or Front Desk Manager.
Hold weekly individual advisory and training meetings with Hall Council President and Treasurer.
Mediate staff conflicts in a positive and productive manner.
Evaluate each staff member on an ongoing basis and through a formal departmental evaluation process.
The Residence Hall Coordinator will facilitate the extensive, varied and complex administrative and operational functions in hall of assignment:
Provide daily office hours through which students may schedule appointments.
Manage, access and appropriately utilize several computer databases including StarRez, programming, employee, and recruitment databases.
Approve service requests for the building/complex for maintenance repairs.
Manage a key system (including master keys) providing access to all rooms in the building/complex.
Maintain security of the building(s) at all times.
Formulate and develop standards and procedures for the building(s).
Manage student check-in/check-out processes.
Secure residence halls/complexes during break times.
Conduct a weekly walkthrough of the building’s interior and exterior, including courtyards, common spaces, green space, pool areas and such while noting any problems and conducting follow up as appropriate.
Disseminate important information to residents.
In conjunction with Housing Administration, assist with student room changes.
Oversee the 24-hour desk and security operations.
Manage the payroll for all student positions.
Serve as a liaison to custodial and maintenance staff members.
Author and submit the following reports: fire alarm, behavioral incident, facilities, monthly, weekend and end of year summaries.
Advise the Hall Council with regards to annual budget, ensuring bills are paid in a timely manner and finances are maintained in a responsible manner accountable to all community residents.
The Residence Hall Coordinator is responsible for behavioral control and contract enforcement processes in the community which are growth producing and encourage individual student responsibility for behavior within the residence hall community. The Residence Hall Coordinator also serves as a Judicial Officer, serving the residential student population.
Support and supervise residence hall staff in taking appropriate action to address students whose behavior needs to be limited or corrected to meet contract requirements and community living standards.
Author incident reports as necessary, and review and approve all incident reports written by student staff members.
Adjudicate an average of 15 judicial cases/week including investigation, determination of in violation/no violation, sanction, and follow up.
Take timely, fair, consistent, and appropriate action when student behavior violates guidelines.
Meet with students who are involved in serious or ongoing behavioral incidents as a designated University Judicial Officer
Advise students to make appropriate and empowering choices that promote retention, deal with peer pressure, conflict management, alcohol and other drugs, interpersonal skills, and community living responsibilities.
Consult and coordinate as necessary with administrators, parents, and university departments, i.e. Student Rights and Responsibilities, Counseling and Psychological Services, and University Police, to make appropriate decisions and promote community safety.
Serves in an on-duty rotation responding to student crisis for the entire population served by Residential Education. This includes responding to critical incidents in the residence halls including alcohol/drug overdose, sexual assault, fire/fire alarms, physical violence, suicide, relationship violence and other mental health issues, and others.
Refer students in repeated violation of their contract for consideration to be evicted.
As a component of reviewing contractual violations, and resultant impact upon living community, make recommendation to central office staff for Administrative Moves as necessary and appropriate.
Respond immediately to a variety of highly unique, personal and social problems and risk behaviors, by working with parents, university staff and students to resolve problems in a timely and appropriate manner, and make referrals as necessary.
The Residence Hall Coordinator develops and maintains relationships with faculty, staff, university administration, and representatives from various public agencies and professional organizations.
Develop and maintain positive working relationships with faculty, staff, and administrators at San Diego State University in order to utilize the full potential of the resources available on campus. This includes on-going interaction with University Police, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Dining Services, Associated Students, Counseling and Psychological Services, Centers for Student Life and Leadership and other university departments as necessary.
Lead or serve on selected department and university committees.
Hold Bi-Weekly Meetings with the faculty-in-residence to discuss student needs and develop plans/programs to meet needs.
May serve on approved committees or as an officer of regional, national and international student affairs and housing officer's professional organizations as approved by supervisor.
Attend workshops and retreats in order to develop new skills and experience and keep abreast of current research in college administration.
Present workshops or sessions in areas related to university student personnel issues.
Each Residence Hall Coordinator participates as appropriate and as assigned in various Residential Education Office programs and carries out other departmental duties specific to the position.
Participate in approximately three weeks of Residence Hall Coordinator Training in July and August.
Chair or participate, under the direction of the Assistant or Associate Director of Residential Education, in responsibilities which may include, but are not limited to:
Team/Committee assignments such as staff recruitment, selection and training, programming committees, and coordinating research and assessment projects
Student Government Advising
Participate on screening committees for departmental positions.
Keep accurate files and records, as to all functions in area of responsibility, i.e., judicial, selection procedures, training and development programs, organization constitutions and bylaws, and such.
Attend regular departmental meetings as appropriate.
Serve as an essential employee in response to emergencies, which may include, but are not limited to: local, national or regional occurrences, natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods and other situations.
May assist with instruction of GENS100.
Coordinate “over the break” housing for students remaining in the halls when assigned to an area offering “over the break” housing.
Tarastec Residence Hall Coordinator will work with the International Student Center for the implementation of the Global Pathways learning community.
The Residence Hall Coordinator will complete other miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Associate Director of Residential Education.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Working knowledge of the practices, procedures and activities of the program to which assigned; general knowledge of the methods and problems of organizational and program management; general knowledge of research and interview techniques; and general knowledge of the principles of individual and group behavior.
Ability to interpret and apply program rules and regulations; ability to use initiative and resourcefulness in planning work assignments and in implementing long-range program improvements; ability to obtain factual and interpretative information through interviews; ability to reason logically; ability to collect, compile, analyze and evaluate data and make verbal or written presentations based on these data; ability to advise students individually and in groups on routine matters where required; ability to recognize multicultural, multi-sexed and multi-aged value systems and work accordingly; ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with faculty, CSU administrators, student organizations, private and public agencies and others in committee work, and student advising and community contacts; and ability to rapidly acquire a general knowledge of the overall operation, functions and programs of the campus to which assigned. Demonstrated ability to make decisions and carry through actions having implications with regard to other program or service areas.
Possession of these knowledge and abilities is demonstrated through the experience requirements.
Experience and Education
Equivalent to graduation from a four-year college or university in one of the behavioral sciences, public or business administration or a job-related field. Additional specialized experience during which the applicant has acquired and successfully applied the knowledge and abilities shown below may be substituted for the required education on a year-for-year basis.
Possession of these knowledge and abilities is typically demonstrated through the equivalent of two years of professional experience in one of the student services program areas or in a related field; experience should give evidence of competence and indicate the potential for further growth. A Master’s degree in a job-related field may be substituted for one year of the professional experience.
Preferred Qualifications
Education: Completed Master’s degree in Higher Education, Student Services, Counseling or a related field very strongly preferred.
Experience: Three years of residence hall experience beyond the Resident Advisor position preferred, skill in program presentation, living learning community experience, student conduct, crisis intervention, staff supervision and experience with computers strongly preferred.
Application Procedures
Review of applications will begin on Wednesday, January 4, 2016; position will remain open until filled. The on-line application should be completed in detail. COMPLETION OF THE ONLINE APPLICATION IS REQUIRED FOR CONSIDERATION, A RESUME ALONE WILL NOT SUFFICE.
To apply for this position, please click on the link above on this page. You must submit your application by clicking on the "Submit" button. If you need assistance completing your application there are instructions available on the Employment Opportunities Website.
Applicants with disabilities requiring assistance may call (619) 594-7099.
The person holding this position is considered a ‘mandated reporter’ under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act and is required to comply with the requirements set forth in CSU Executive Order 1083 as a condition of employment.
A background check (including a criminal records check) must be completed satisfactorily before any candidate can be offered a position with the CSU. Failure to satisfactorily complete the background check may affect the application status of applicants or continued employment of current CSU employees who apply for the position.
Equal Employment Opportunity
SDSU is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, marital status, age, disability, pregnancy, medical condition, or covered veteran status.

As one of the leading company in San Diego, CA, California State University opens a variety of opportunities for employees to grow and make them as future leaders of the professional and disciplined. California State University also offers a dynamic work environment in order to encourage employees to contribute optimally, and at the same time is able to learn new skills and knowledge through the company program.

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